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Ideaspike! Ideaspike is my personal space. There are no limits to the topics I may cover. So... don't say you weren't warned. If in any doubt, use the sitemap, linked above, to decide which topics to ignore. I avoid profanity, generally speaking, but I don't avoid topics that may in and of themselves cause some people discomfort. Above all, what you find here is my opinion, and you should keep that firmly in mind.

If you're curious about me, I've posted a little info here.

The site itself is generated by some custom software I wrote in Python. You can just browse by using the Next and Previous links at the top of each page; but on some pages, such as my page on microscope photography of minerals, there are sets of sub-pages you can wander out to that aren't in the previous-next stream of pages. This shouldn't inconvenience you, because if you're reading that page, you get to the sub-pages by simply clicking on thumbnails that interest you. Otherwise, all subject matter is arranged sequentially, somewhat like a book. There is also an index you can use to complement the sitemap if you like.

Welcome to Ideaspike, and I hope you enjoy your visit!

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